Live the Moment

The clouds seemed bountiful and the sky merciless for they were working tirelessly for 18 hours without caring for a siesta, well not at least for us. With the incessant showers the city had come to a stand still. It was nothing different from the usual and habitual failure of the Meteorological Department which had ironically predicted clear skies for the next 48 hours, except the fact that this was as common as the cold in monsoon in the most happening city of India-Mumbai.

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The Saga Of Life

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           Every morning we go through the newspaper while gulping down our favourite refreshing drink and find news on topics varying from Murder to Molestation. After a bout of brain stress we stillfind solace in the fact that at least our parents’ will save their “Mobile is a curse to humanity” lecture for a while.
And yet in this hustle and bustle our thoughts drift to one of the most mind tingling questions-  “Purpose of Life” and the Over Thinking process is triggered to torment our souls for the next hour.
This is what I achieved in my share of mental suffering.

     “Imagine a little girl dressed in a rugged frock possibly gifted to her by her mistress many moons ago.Sitting silently on the footpath she didn’t complain about the bruises that adorned her feet neither did she complain that she was starving to death since a week and nor about the scorching sun over her tiny head that rubbed salt to the wounds. Alas! Her’s is not the only spirit that has surrendered to the harsh truth.”
We try to extract the last possible drop of toothpaste from the tube and tea from the tea leaves. Why? Because we believe in making full use of each and every commodity we use. How ironic it is that we don’t apply the same to our lives. Life is not just about Eat, Sleep, Earn Money and RIP. We can add colour to our Life by painting a portrait of someone else’s life.
A simple gesture of offering water and food coupled with the warmth of humanity to the girl will make all the difference. The sense of pride and the self-satisfying happiness instilled in you will be incomparable to any that man has ever known.

    After all, spreading love and joy is worth way more than spreading legs and nutella. 🙂

Hello world!

Ever felt messed up in life and thought- “God! I am in the middle of nowhere” or lead a life full of luxuries but felt the happiness factor missing. Went through some heart wrenching article in the newspaper and found it difficult to express what you felt like. Well, this place is perfect for all these souls as well as all you lovely fellas. Enough for now. Will keep you guys posted. 🙂